About Us

We promote the best practices and knowledge-sharing in renewable energy and energy efficiency topics, by working with leading universities and Skill corporations to deliver a range of employment opportunities: professional training courses, and internationally recognized Certifications.

Participants benefit from the practical and theoretical knowledge of a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems, taught by leading experts in their field with more than 30 years of experience.

The teaching materials are designed to inform participants how to succeed in the renewable energy industry. We provide a wide range of training programs across the globe in association with academic partners.


Our aim is to offer the necessary know- how skills to satisfy the increasing demand for expertise throughout the industry.


Our mission is to provide world class education for anyone, anywhere.


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Our curriculum has full range of photovoltaics for different levels of classes and job descriptions, ensuring a full value chain to reach our sustainable goals set by the industry. Our training pedagogy will cover each section from the raw material to a solar module manufacturing; we aim to create a skilled workforce to meet global standards.

Our Training

What We Offer

We at RENX have developed specialized training programs to provide a deep understanding and knowledge for different age groups. Our Expert trainers will teach the aspirants whether for a working professional or for someone who has recently entered the solar sector can choose a wide range of courses.

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Online Training

RENX academy offers wide range of online courses on renewable energy. Online training includes live interaction, multi-media learning material, self tests. Learners can easily access the self paced trainings at any time and at any location.

Tailor- Made Training

RENX Tailor- made training offers the best way to analyze the participants’ capacity needs and selecting the training contents and methods according to needs of the industry/ organization. These trainings will excel the skills/ expertise in collaboration with the best academic partners.

Expert Learning Programmes

Expert learning program help participants become experts in their chosen field. Energy Expert Certificates were created to help the growth of the renewable energy sector worldwide.

The courses that make up the Expert Certificates are taught by respected university professors and renowned lecturers with years of practical and theoretical expertise.

Successful participants of the Pathways gain the internationally recognised Certificate for the chosen Pathway, from the Renewable Energy Institute.